NFL commissioner Goodell: Limbaugh's "divisive comments are not what the N.F.L. is all about"

NFL commissioner Goodell: Limbaugh's "divisive comments are not what the N.F.L. is all about"


From an October 13 New York Times report:

Commissioner Roger Goodell cast doubt on Rush Limbaugh's viability as an N.F.L. owner Tuesday, saying that "divisive comments are not what the N.F.L. is all about."

"I've said many times before, we're all held to a high standard here," Goodell said. Then he continued: "I would not want to see those comments coming from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL -- absolutely not."

Goodell emphasized that the Rosenbloom family, which owns the St. Louis Rams, is not even fully committed to sell its majority stake in the team and that they were extremely early in the process. Limbaugh has teamed with the former Madison Square Garden executive Dave Checketts in a bid for the Rams. But Goodell's comments were a thinly veiled signal that Limbaugh's bid -- even if it were the highest -- would most likely not receive support from owners, who must approve any change in ownership.

Retired and current players have voiced concern about Limbaugh's interest in the Rams, with some saying players would not play for him. One of Limbaugh's most controversial quotes was his suggestion that Donovan McNabb got credit for the Eagles' successes because the news media wanted him to succeed because he is a black quarterback.

"The comments Rush made specifically about Donovan, I disagree with very strongly," Goodell said. "It's a polarizing comment that we don't think reflect accurately on the N.F.L. or our players. I obviously do not believe those comments are positive and they are divisive. That's a negative thing for us, obviously."


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