Obama's Nobel Prize triggers another wave of America-bashing from right-wing media

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Well, at least conservatives are consistent in their open disdain for American achievement under Obama.

Reminiscent of the Friday Freakout that followed the glorious news that Chicago, and the United States, had been denied the honor of hosing the Summer Olympic Games (Hallelujah!), the same Obama-hating voices in the right-wing media are outraged that the President of the United States has won the Nobel Prize.

In other words, Obama/America loses = good. Obama/America wins = bad.

And no, unhinged critics aren't simply wondering if it's too early in Obama's first term to win such a prestigious award. They're letting loose the divisive hate rhetoric (you'd expect anything less?), and demeaning the international achievement.

In the right-wing blogosphere, Obama's global honor is unfolding like a nightmare.

Question: Why does the conservative media hate America?

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