The WashTimes has a Joseph Curl problem

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The problem is he's making stuff up about ACORN and then publishing it not one, but two separate Times articles in the last 24 hours.

We noted that Curl went to hear ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis speak at the National Press Club on Tuesday and quickly filed a dispatch in which Curl reported that Lewis had attacked ACORN critics as "racist." Yet Curl's article included no quote from Lewis to back that up. It appear Curl simply manufactured the explosive "racist" claim.

Well, Curl like the falsehood so much he wrote another piece yesterday about Lewis at the National Press Club and also inserted the lie that Lewis had called ACORN critics out as racist [emphasis added]:

Fresh off her ACORN Apology Tour, the group's CEO on Tuesday kicked of her new Denial Tour, charging that nearly every accusation lodged against the embattled community organizing group in recent weeks is not only false but downright racist.

Again, Curl provides no evidence that Lewis ever suggested ACORN critics are racist. She clearly never used that word. And in fact, Lewis appeared to go out of her way not to make that claim on Tuesday. Curl just made it up. Twice.

Editor John Solomon needs to address both egregious errors, because Solomon, and the WashTimes, has a Joseph Curl problem.

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