"Right Wing" blogger calls out the "lunacy" behind Obama hate

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It's a must-read post by Rick Moran at his conservative site, Right Wing Nut House.



Moran does not hold back as he eviscerates the unhinged hate rhetoric that now powers large portions of the conservative movement. But he also goes after those who remain silent within GOP circles about the "lunacy" that's unfolding.

Writes Moran:

Trying to argue rationally with someone who believes Obama is a Nazi, or a Communist is akin to arguing with a stone wall. And at least the wall is smart enough not to keep opening its mouth and further proving how irrational it is...The emotional state of conservatism now coupled with the hyper partisan atmosphere in the country (and the already excessive ideological nature of the opposition to Obama) is a combination that afflicts the reason centers of the mind and is proving to be a block to thinking logically. What is there to "fear" about Obama and the Democrats? They are proposing the same liberal crap that the left has been promoting for more than 30 years. We have fought them before using reason and logic. What is so different now?

I don't know how to say it any other way; those conservatives who don't see a problem with this, or don't think it "representative" of a significant portion of the conservative movement, or who don't believe this sort of thing should be taken out, examined, and criticized as forcefully as possible are fooling themselves into believing this kind of thinking doesn't matter. It is poison coursing through the body of conservatism and we either use reason and logic as an antidote or it will end up killing us.

Wonder what Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg have to say.


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