Fox News, please define "highly rated." Or, would Chris Wallace like some cheese with that whine?

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Honestly, is there anything in more annoying than a millionaire, celebrity journalist like Chris Wallace wallowing in self-pity?

By now, everyone knows that on Sunday, Obama will make the rounds on the morning news shows but that Fox News Sunday, hosted by Wallace, will be left out. The insult is obvious and poor Chris Wallace is not handling it well. He's alternating between feeling sorry himself and taking every opportunity to lash out wildly at the administration. (Gee, think the WH hit a nerve w/ its Wallace snub?)

Here's the funny part, though. During one pity party session, a Fox News host claimed Obama was skipping out on "the highly-rated Fox News Sunday."

Here we go with more alternate universe stuff from the GOP Noise Machine. Because if by "highly rated" Fox meant dead last, than yeah, it's an accurate description. The facts: Wallace hosts, and has hosted for years, the perennial Sunday morning news show loser. Fox News Sunday pretty much gets lapped by the rest of network field. It's not even close. And since Wallace became host during Bush's first term, the ratings haven't really budged an inch. The show's in dead last, where it has remained pretty much since its inception.

So instead of feeling sorry for himself this weekend, we'll offer up this novel advice to Wallace: Get more viewers! Maybe if your show wasn't a ratings doormat (like, for a decade running), Obama would make time for you. But why should the White House make an effort to include Fox when Wallace's show at times barely draws one million viewers?

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