O'Reilly admits Fox News is a conservative media outlet, suggests Obama visit "loyal opposition" on Fox News Sunday


From Bill O'Reilly's September 17 column, headlined "Obama and Us":

From my perch in the media, it seems that the president thought the left-wing press would protect him against right-wing media scrutiny. After all, liberal media outlets heavily outnumber their conservative counterparts. But that is not happening. MSNBC and CNN are not competitive with Fox News, and newspapers like the New York Times and the Boston Globe are in serious economic trouble as readers have turned away by the thousands.

In public relations land, the biggest mistake the president is making is avoiding moderate conservatives who would give him a fair shake. This Sunday, Mr. Obama is going on all the Sunday chat shows to talk up health care-all except Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Bad decision.

Mr. Wallace is no ideologue, and Fox News is dominating the national conversation right now. By avoiding Fox, the President looks weak. I mean, he is preaching to the choir on the network news shows. But the choir is obviously losing members. All the polls show that.

So if I'm Barack Obama, I take the economy, the aggressive stuff I'm doing against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and I bring it over to the loyal opposition. That would get some attention. And it might also bury the ACORN scandal in the process.

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