Right-wing bloggers unglued after Obama's primetime address

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Maybe it was the snap polling that showed Americans overwhelmingly liked the speech and now support Obama's health care reform push. Or maybe it was the sad spectacle of watching Republican loud mouth Rep. Joe Wilson's unseemly bout of heckling, which was roundly condemned by both sides of the isles.

Whatever the trigger, some right-wing bloggers seemed to snap at having to watch a Democratic president regain control of the health care debate last night. Why else would Allah Pundit contemptuously refer to the President of the United States as "this jackass"?

And yes, these are the same conservative hypocrites who lectured liberals during the Bush years about not showing sufficient respect for the Oval Office.

UPDATED: Why do right-wingers hate the office of the presidency? Between the casual "jackass" insults this week, and insisting last week that school children needed to be sheltered from the President of the United States, when did the once-patriotic GOP Noise Machine decide that the Oval Office needed to be desecrated at every turn?

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