NY Times whitewashes Fox's Bret Baier

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In a blog entry discussing Fox News' skewed coverage of President Obama's speech Wednesday night, the NY Times made this odd characterization of Special Report host Bret Baier:

Fox News did call upon Bret Baier, its decidedly un-opinionated Washington news anchor, and a pair of veteran Washington correspondents to handle coverage of Mr. Obama's speech and the Republican response.

Wow, "un-opinionated"? I'm wondering which Baier the Times is referencing?

This Bret Baier?

Fox News hosts have recently fixated on the House's decision to terminate a pilot program to -- in the words of Bret Baier -- "kill the patriotic tunes callers hear when they're put on hold."

This Bret Baier?

Stoddard, Baier agree that reconciliation "used to be called the nuclear option"

Wait, maybe this Bret Baier?

Fox News' Bret Baier repeated Sarah Palin's false assertion that the end-of-life counseling provided for under the House health care reform bill would, in Baier's words, "not be voluntary as the president says."

No, it was this Bret Baier, I'm sure

During the "All Star Panel" on the July 24 edition of Fox News' Special Report, host Bret Baier asked: "Is the president overexposed? Is he out there too much? He had 11 health care events in many as many days pushing the health care reform legislation."

This Bret Baier, I'm sure!

Baier, Bream selectively cited Obama interview to claim he "may have contributed to the atmosphere of fear"

Wait, wait, just wait. Here is Bret Baier being "decidedly un-opinionated" as the New York Times describes him:

Fox's Baier describes Gore as a "global warming alarmist"

That's it. There you go. Parroting conservative misinformation and characterizations are the height of "un-opinionated". Definitely.

Bret Baier
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