Why is health care liar Michelle Bernard hosting an MSNBC special about health?

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, on September 20, "MSNBC political analyst Michelle Bernard" will moderate a two-hour special featuring Bill Cosby and NAACP president Ben Jealous, "focusing on the parenting, education and health issues facing the poor in the United States."

Michelle Bernard is a frequent MSNBC guest, particularly on Hardball.

Bernard is also the president and CEO of the conservative Independent Women's Forum, in which capacity she is busy spreading lies about health care.

Like this one: "More American women are going to die of breast cancer if you and I surrender to President Obama's nationalized healthcare onslaught."

Here's how FactCheck.org describes the health care lies coming from Bernard's IWF:

A False Appeal to Women's Fears

Republican-leaning group claims health care legislation could lead to 300,000 deaths from breast cancer, but uses old statistics, faulty logic and false insinuations.

A conservative group with Republican ties called the Independent Women's Forum is airing an ad that says "300,000 American women with breast cancer might have died" if our health care were "government run" like England's, citing the American Cancer Society as a source for the figure. In fact, a spokesman for the cancer society's advocacy arm says that figure is "not reliable" and adds: "[I]t's not one that we have ever cited; it's not one that we would ever cite." Furthermore, an epidemiologist with the cancer society told us that the way this figure was calculated was "really faulty."

There's much more, but the bottom line is clear: Michelle Bernard and the Independent Women's Forum are lying in order to stop health care reform.

So why is MSNBC turning to Bernard to moderate a two-hour special about, among other things, "health issues"?

Could it be that MSNBC is in favor of lying in order to stop health care reform?

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