has no idea Glenn Beck has lost nearly 60 advertisers? has no idea Glenn Beck has lost nearly 60 advertisers?

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Sort of embarrassing, considering the media site spends lots of time touting Beck's new-found influence:

Up until Jones' resignation Glenn Beck has been an incredibly popular and successful cable news version of the snake oil salesman — in the hands of anyone else Jones might have merely remained a blip on the talking points radar, in the mesmerizing, entertaining hands of Beck he has become a national villain, and now Obama's Achilles heel.

Yep, "mesmerizing" and "entertaining." Mediaite's got a Beck crush. But this passage really made me chuckle [emphasis added]:

Fox is a great punching bag, but no one wants to admit its anchors have the power to bring down a White House official. Keith Olbermann has issued a "Fox Twa" requesting viewers and Daily Kos readers alike dig up whatever dirt they can on Beck. No doubt there will be some dug up. Will it matter? Advertisers and ratings matter on TV, not "dirt."

See, it's "advertisers" that matter on TV, don'tcha know. But at Mediaite, the supposedly media savvy site, the fact that Beck has lost nearly 60 advertisers in the last month, and the fact that Beck has been abondoned by more blue chip advertisers, and more quickly, than perhaps any host in the history of cable television, doesn't matter. Mediaite never even mentions the fact Beck no longer has a single prominent, national advertiser that's willing to appear on his program.

In its Beck valentine, Mediaite claims "advertisers" matter on TV. But in its Beck valentine, Mediaite forgets to mention that all-powerful Beck has lost nearly 60 advertisers this summer.


UPDATED: Does Mediaite's Glynnis MacNicol even watch Glenn Beck? I have my doubts after reading this:

The genius of Beck in choosing Van Jones to focus on — as opposed to, say, President Obama directly — is that Jones didn't have a national reputation Beck had to contend with, he was a relative unknown, which allowed Beck to define him nationally, and destructively, almost from scratch.

Really? Mediaite's MacNicol thinks Beck hasn't directly focused on President Obama as a target this year?


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