It's a dollar-a-holler on Glenn Beck

It's a dollar-a-holler on Glenn Beck

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"Dollar-a-holler" is the old-time radio term used to describe ad rates on small-town AM radio stations. I'm reminded of the phrase after reading this key passage from the Los Angeles Times, and how Beck no longer has any A-list advertisers:

As a result, few major businesses remain as sponsors of Beck's eponymous 2 p.m. PDT program. On Wednesday, the only big companies with a presence during his show were Bank of America and the Wall Street Journal, whose parent company News Corp. also owns Fox News. The rest of the commercials included spots for gold seller Rosland Capital; Ashley Furniture Home Store; Empire Carpet; Liberty Medical, a diabetes medical supplier; Johnson Law Group, an asbestos litigation firm; "Shadow Government," a new book critical of Obama published by the National Republican Trust; and the anti-tax group

Turns out Bank of America isn't even a Beck sponsor. So as best I can tell, all the blue chip advertisers have abandoned Glenn Beck.

All. Of. Them.

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