WND CEO, birther Joseph Farah: "Sean Hannity for president"


From an August 26 WorldNetDaily "exclusive commentary" by WND founder, editor, and CEO Joseph Farah:

He will need a lot of encouragement to step into this breach.

So that is what I am offering here.

I like Sean Hannity.

I respect Sean Hannity.

He's a righteous man.

He has all the ingredients of a good leader -- a great leader.

And America is very much in need of a great leader.

I hope other Americans will join me in offering him encouragement to consider this mission - and consider it very seriously.

Farah added: "I could get excited about a Sean Hannity candidacy. I could get excited about a Sean Hannity presidency. I even hear he has a birth certificate."

As Media Matters for America has noted, WND and Farah have repeatedly pushed the conspiracy theory that Obama does not have a valid birth certificate and was born in Kenya. Hannity himself has advanced and defended birth certificate theories.


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