Bank of America: Any Glenn Beck ads were run in "error"

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Media Matters for America received the following email from Bank of America global media relations Senior Vice-President Joseph L. Goode stating that any ads run on Fox News' Glenn Beck program ran in "error."

Here's Mr. Goode's email (emphasis added):

In response to your August 24 blog, entitled "So who's still advertising on Beck? His August 24 sponsors were ...", I wanted to let you know that Bank of America does not air commercials on The Glenn Beck Show. Recently, we learned that there may have been instances of our ads running on the program due to an error by media outlets that air this show. Please be assured that we are working with these media outlets to determine an acceptable resolution for this error.

Bank of America is proud to be a leader in supporting diversity and continues to be widely recognized for our progressive workplace practices and initiatives to promote inclusion. This commitment to equality and diversity informs every aspect of our enterprise, including our approach to advertising. As a result, we adhere to a set of media buying guidelines for syndicated programming and for local stations that promote inclusion and help our company reach a broad range of diverse customers.

Bank of America prides itself on fostering a corporate culture that is inclusive of all the communities we serve. Our customers, clients and associates speak different languages; support different family structures and life situations; and have unique and personal financial requirements. In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we require a variety of products and services, marketing and a diverse workforce that demonstrate and reflect our awareness and appreciation of who our clients and customers are.

We hope our response demonstrates our longstanding support of diversity, and strengthens your confidence in our company.


Joseph L. Goode, SVP
Global Media Relations
Bank of America

Fox News Channel
Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck Program
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