The Weekly Standard's John McCormack should quit while he's behind

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

He's been chasing his tail over the whole Nazi-mini-mob connection for more than a week now and honestly, it's sorta sad to watch.

TWS is peeved that anyone would think that right-wingers protesting health reform would brandish Nazi posters and talk about Hitler. TWS's frustration is palpable. (Building a political movement around Hitler posters? Not such a good idea.) But it's obviously misdirected. If deep thinkers at places like TWS think it's wrong to bring swastika posters to town hall rallies, than why doesn't TWS condemn it?

And more importantly, if TWS thinks only "idiots" talk about Hitler as part of our national discourse, why doesn't anybody get up the nerve to call out Rush Limbaugh when he does it? I asked this question last week and never did get a response, so I'll ask it again: Has anyone at TWS condemned Limbaugh, either in print or online, for recently equating the Obama White House with a Nazi organization? Anyone?

We'll see if McCormack can follow this rather obvious logic: If the most-listened-to conservative in the country openly refers to Obama and his administration as being Nazi-like, and then nobody in the Right says boo about it, guess what? Mini-mob members (and self-identified "conservative" "Republicans") take that as a green light to bring Nazi posters and yell "Heil Hitler" at rallies.

So until TWS gets up the nerve to, y'know actually disagree with Rush Limbaugh, save us the lectures about how nobody on the right would dare evoke Nazi and Hitler. It's laughable, because the guy who runs the GOP does it all the time.

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