AP does news article on Fox News; can't find any "critics" to quote

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Behold your liberal media at work.

AP headline for its FNC valentine:

With Obama in office, Fox News finds its stride

This passage made me chuckle [emphasis added]:

Some critics worry about overheated rhetoric — Beck has called Obama a racist and joked about poisoning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — and suggest Fox has helped lead, instead of just follow, the president's opponents

-Number of Fox News "critics" interviewed and quoted for the article? Zero.

-Number of former Fox News employees interviewed and quoted who love FNC? One. (Eric Burns, former host of Fox's "News Watch")

-Number of longtime Fox News guests interviewed and quoted who love FNC? One. (Bernie Goldberg, regular guest on The O'Reilly Factor)

-Number of conservative political activists interviewed and quoted who love FNC? One. (Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity)

Yep, AP is fair and balanced.

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