Surprise! Fox News is now attacking little kids

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Picking up what the right-wing mob started yesterday, posted an article about whether or not Obama "recognized" an 11-year-old girl who asked a question at his New Hampshire town hall forum this week. It's part of Michelle Malkin's pointless conspiracy theory about town hall's being stage.

The Fox headline [emphasis added]:

White House Says Girl With Campaign Ties Chosen at 'Random' to Speak at Obama Town Hall

OMG. The girl's in elementary school for crying out loud! How can she have "campaign ties"?? This is just demented.

The only "ties" are the fact that her mom was an Obama donor and supporter in 2008. In other words, her mom did what a few million other Americans did last fall, yet suddenly in the eyes of Fox News that means the woman's daughter has "campaign ties"? And for right-wing bloggers, that means the kid's fair game for ridicule?

Just pathetic.

UPDATED: As Bob Cesca noted, this kid crusade isn't just creepy. It's dangerous.

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