USA Today flashback: Why you can't label Steve Doocy a conservative

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Thanks to this 2003 USA Today puff piece on the "down-to-earth" co-hosts of Fox & Friends - the "hottest show on morning cable" - we today learned that you can't label Steve Doocy a conservative because "years ago" he supported "a man who favored universal health care":

Mirroring Fox News' overall style, the talk here is blunt. But the rap against Fox -- that it leans decidedly right politically -- is hard to attach to the hosts of F&F. Hill says she's a "primary-voting Democrat"; Doocy says the only time he got involved in politics, years ago in his native Kansas, was to support a man who favored universal health care. The candidate lost.

Six years later, the eerily prescient article still rings true -- it's just so "hard to attach" the conservative label to the guy who said he "supported" a candidate "years ago":

More cut and paste: Fox's Doocy parrots Heritage talking points, claims they came "from a friend"

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You may also remember that "primary-voting Democrat" E.D. Hill once asked if a fist bump between Michelle and Barack Obama was "a terrorist fist jab." (Hill is no longer employed by Fox but is available to do her Helen Thomas impersonation at birthdays and weddings).

Thanks to reader BJL for the tip.

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