Nice debunking. Now prove that you mean it.

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The Washington Post, ABC and other news organizations have debunked Betsy McCaughey's misinformation about end-of-life care in proposed health care reforms.

That's great. But there's an obvious next step for news organizations that have reached the (unavoidable) conclusion that McCaughey isn't telling her the truth: Stop taking her seriously. Immediately and forever. It has been clear for 15 years that Betsy McCaughey does not tell the truth about health care.

There is no reason whatsoever to ever give any weight to anything she says. She isn't an "expert," unless the only qualification for being an expert is repeatedly being wrong and dishonest. There is no reason whatsoever to ever invite her to appear on your television program, no reason to ever quote her in your news report (unless you're doing so to illustrate and debunk the lies people are telling.)

If the Post or ABC or any of the other news organizations that have concluded McCaughey isn't telling the truth go back to quoting her as though she is anything other than an untrustworthy fraud, it'll tell us more about them than about health care.

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