Cavuto interviews "registered Democrat" who's also a conservative activist

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On the August 11th edition of Fox News' Your World With Neil Cavuto, Cavuto interviewed Edward Naile, who was protesting against the health care reform being discussed by President Obama in a New Hampshire town hall event. Fox's on-screen text simply identified Naile as a "Registered Democrat" and as a "Small Business Owner". Cavuto first introduced him as a "registered Democrat" and later described Naile as having "independent" thinking on the health care issue.

What neither Fox nor Cavuto noted was Naile's history of conservative activism.

In 2004 the Boston Globe identified Naile as the head of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, a group that opposed out of state students trying to register to vote in New Hampshire.

In 2000 AP identified Naile as a member of the Coalition, identifying the group as an "advocacy group for limited government and limited taxation".

Naile is listed as the co-host of "New Hampshire Taxpayer Radio", which is affiliated with the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers.

More recently Naile wrote a blog entry on titled "Come And Get Yo Free Healthcare - Sucker".

On November 1, 2008 Naile wrote:

America needs to take a good four-year look at what the Liberal Left has offered up for President, and most of all, what the main stream media has unflinchingly protected and nourished since the decision to sell this communist standard-bearer of the Democrat Party as material qualified to be President of the United States.

That's Neil Cavuto's "independent".

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