Is this what Cillizza means by "mouthpiece"?

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Would this entry by the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza look any different if it had been written by John McCain's press secretary?

In just a few paragraphs, Cilizza:

1) Touts McCain's influence within the Republican Party

2) Suggests you can't have bipartisan legislation unless McCain is on board

3) Passes on McCain's claims that the Democrats are not truly interested in bipartisanship

4) Passes on McCain's attacks on the inclusion of a public option in health care reform

5) Frames the gulf between McCain and the White House in McCain-friendly terms: McCain, according to Cilizza, is "growing increasingly upset with the growth in government spending and the lack of consultation between the White House and Senate Republicans."

And there isn't so much as a word of scrutiny of McCain's claims. Not a word even hinted at the possibility that McCain's take on anything might not be the whole story.

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