Does CNN's Jonathan Klein watch Lou Dobbs' show?

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He must not, based on his description of it:

Klein said Dobbs does a smart newscast that explores issues that get little in-depth attention elsewhere, such as trade with China, health care funding and the stimulus plan. He suggested Dobbs' CNN work is unfairly lumped in with his unrelated radio show, and that he's judged on the show he did a couple of years ago, when Dobbs became a political target for his campaigning against illegal immigration.

The two men sat down after last year's election to make changes, aware that the anti-immigrant Dobbs' image ran counter to the brand CNN was trying to create.

CNN calls itself the network of unbiased reporting compared to conservative commentators on Fox and liberal ones at MSNBC.

Since then, Dobbs has been doing a relatively straight newscast, Klein said.

"Smart newscast"? Really? Set aside for a moment the absurdity of calling a newscast that spreads the false claim that Barack Obama has not proven his citizenship "smart." Is getting the cost of bailouts wrong a sign of a "smart newscast"? How about blatently misrepresenting Robert Gibbs comments?

Does Jonathan Klein really think the stimulus plan has gotten "little in-depth attention elsewhere"? If so, why doesn't he instruct other CNN reporters to cover the topic the way Lou Dobbs does?

Does Jonathan Klein really expect us to believe Dobbs' CNN show and his radio show are unrelated? Then why did he say just a few days ago that "Lou is listening to a certain segment of the population all day long on his radio show so naturally that's going to inform some of the decisions that he makes."? Why does Dobbs cross-promote the shows? And is Klein really unaware of the fact that Dobbs has been pushing the Birther nonsense not only on his radio show, but on CNN as well?

And wouldn't it be interesting to see what facts Klein is relying on for his claim that since the election, Dobbs has been doing a "relatively straight newscast"? Has Klein reviewed a significant portion of those newscasts? Other observers haven't detected any such change. And Dobbs' immigration obsession certainly hasn't died down. Klein expects anyone to take seriously his claim that Dobbs has changed, he should probably produce some examples and evidence.

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