Howard Kurtz, define "falling flat"

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Howard Kurtz, in today's column:

Why does his [President Obama's] pitch for health-care reform seem to be falling flat while special interests and Republican critics are picking apart every sub-section they don't like?

Obama's pitch for health care reform is "falling flat"? Really? That's a strange thing to conclude from polling that shows that most people want health care reform, and want it to include a public plan. Unfortunately, Kurtz didn't include any data to back up his assertion, so there's no telling what he meant.

As Media Matters has shown, the news media is giving significantly more attention to perceived setbacks in the health care reform effort than to progress. That's the kind of thing you might expect a media critic like Howard Kurtz to address in a "Media Notes" column. But no. Instead, as he often does, Kurtz attempts to assess President Obama rather than the media. And in doing so, he makes assertions that are not supported by the facts.

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