Right-wing blogger smacks down Fox News' Ralph Peters

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Peters is the New York Post columnist who went on Fox News this weekend and suggested the U.S. soldier being held in Afghanistan by the Taliban is actually a deserter, and that the Taliban could save everyone a lot of time and energy if they just killed the guy.

Seriously, Peters went on Fox News and suggested the Taliban go ahead and murder the U.S. soldier it was holding captive.

At least someone within the right-wing blogosphere has called out Peters for his inane comments.

Over at BlackFive:

Who the hell is Ralph to call this kid a liar from a TV studio in the US. The first thing we all should do in the absence of solid info, is to give the kid a freakin' break. He deserves the benefit of the doubt and for jackasses like Peters to start calling him a liar based on a completely inaccurate concept is pathetic.

He may turn out to be a deserter, or an idiot, or a drunk or just screwed in the head and if so there will be plenty of time to call him names. Heck Ralph they may even kill the incompetent liar. But for the time being it would be nice if all the arm chair mouth pieces sat down and had a nice cup of STFU!

Does anybody else within the GOP Noise Machine want to sign off on BlackFive's comments?

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