What does a Republican have to do to make Cillizza's "Losers" list?

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Yesterday, I noted that Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza's list of Sotomayor hearing "Winners and Losers" included Lindsay Graham among the winners, despite what many saw as condescending questioning. And that Cillizza couldn't think of a single Republican to list among the day's losers - not even Jeff Sessions, whose suggestion that all judges of Puerto Rican heritage should rule alike served as a reminder of his history of racially insensitive rhetoric.

Today, Cillizza is back with more "Winners and Losers." Among his winners: Sen. Tom Coburn. Yes, the same Tom Coburn who channeled Ricky Ricardo during his questioning of Sotomayor. And, once again, Cillizza doesn't list a single Republican among the day's losers. (Though two Democrats make that list, four in the last two days.)

(And still no mention of Jeffrey Rosen, who may be the biggest loser of the hearings so far.)

UPDATE: Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter appears on Cillizza's current losers list, so perhaps the answer to the question posed in the headline of this post is "Become a Democrat."

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