Chris Matthews tries to infantilize Sonia Sotomayor

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When Chris Matthews appeared on MSNBC yesterday evening to discuss the day's Supreme Court nomination hearings, he seemed to portray Sonia Sotomayor as a child chastened about her (badly distorted) "wise Latina" comments. This morning, Matthews picked up where he left off, further infantilizing Sotomayor:

A calm Judge Sotomayor spent yesterday fending off attempts by Republicans to portray her as someone guided by her personal prejudice -- prejudices -- and even suggested, some of them did, that it was her hot temperament they were worried about. Well, the nominee backed off her comment that a wise Latina would come to a better conclusion than a white man, calling that a mistake. In fact, she used the word "bad," about the words she used, which is certainly strange in an adult conversation.

Is Matthews really prepared to argue that the word "bad" is "strange in an adult conversation"?

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