WaPo's Paul Kane re-writes history

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Here's Washington Post reporter Paul Kane:

Biden and Kennedy have had their share of mishaps over the last 30 years, drawing plenty of criticism from conservatives.

During the 2006 hearings for Justice Samuel Alito, Kennedy forced the proceedings to stop in a long-shot effort to turn up evidence that the nominee was part of a secretive alumni club at Princeton University that was engaged in insensitive behavior, a charge that was never borne out.

Uh ... what?

The evidence that Alito was part of Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP) is pretty strong. After all, Alito bragged about his membership in CAP when he was applying for a job in the Reagan administration.

And the evidence that CAP "engaged in insensitive behavior" is pretty strong, too. CAP did, after all, try to limit the number of women and minorities allowed at Princeton.

There is no doubt that Alito belonged to CAP. None. Alito himself said he did. There is no doubt that CAP engaged in insensitive behavior. None. What on earth is Paul Kane talking about?

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