Jonah Goldberg cites Obama joining Castro and Chavez on Honduras as evidence of "an ideological problem with democracy"


From Goldberg's July 7 USA Today column:

Then last week, events in Honduras revealed that Obama really has no problem with meddling when a left-wing agenda is advanced. Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras and a Hugo Chavez wannabe, illegally defied the Honduran Congress, the Supreme Court and the Constitution in an attempt to repeal term limits (which help sustain democracy in Central America by preventing presidents-for-life). The Supreme Court ordered the military to remove Zelaya from office and expel him from the country. A member of Zelaya's own party replaced him, and elections were announced. But suddenly, Obama - taking much the same position as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez - thought America should join the coalition of the meddlers demanding Zelaya's return to power. In Iran, Obama was terrified to do anything that might lead to a coup to bring about democracy. In Honduras, Obama was chagrined to let stand a coup that preserved democracy.

It sure seems like Obama has an ideological problem with democracy.


Conservatives say Obama is siding with Chavez and Cuba on Honduras

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