Newsbusters thinks it's a big deal that the press won't follow the WashTimes' Obama "scandal"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Y'know, the Walpin caper, which came right after Dealergate, which really blew the lid off the Obama White House. Remember?

Any who, Newsbusters is all riled up because the WashTimes has published these awesome editorials and articles detailing the breaking news developments from the Walpin firing...and nobody's paying attention. Nobody's going down the rabbit's hole with the WashTimes. Gee, wonder why.

I think Joe Conason put it best:

Unless there is much more to this story than what responsible journalists have found so far, the buzzing chatter on the right will soon subside into a disappointed murmur.

That was June 19. It's weird; it's like Conason can see into the future.

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