Examiner.com: Savage "appeared to back off" vow to "post pictures and other 'pertinent information'" for Media Matters staff


From a June 25 Examiner.com article:

Earlier this week on his radio show, Michael Savage vowed to post pictures and other 'pertinent information' about the staff of watchdog group Media Matters for America. In a statement during his radio show today he appeared to back off, saying only that an unidentified person was researching publicly available information such as the group's tax filings. Non-profit organizations must file IRS form 990 and are available for public inspection.

Apparently his call for right wing talkers and fellow travelers to rise up against this media watchdog was met with a resounding silence. His attempt to push back and silence his critics appears to be a failure. It is difficult for Savage to push back against reporting that includes recordings of his own words.


Examiner.com reports that Savage vows to "retaliate" against Media Matters by posting "pertinent information" about staff

Savage vows to post "full pictures and other pertinent information about" Media Matters employees on his website

In "Psycho Talk," Schultz says Savage "is pinning a 'Wanted' sign on employees at Media Matters"

Mr. Savage, We're Still Listening...

Washington Examiner
Michael Savage
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