Chris Cillizza, please define "post-partisan figure"

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This was from a couple days ago but it's so odd, and so indicative of the illogical mindset that dictates so much of the Beltway coverage under Obama, that it deserves another look. From the

President Obama was elected as a post-partisan figure of sorts but in his first six months in office, he and his political inner circle have taken an aggressive stance toward recruiting their preferred candidates in Senate races.

To wit:

• Obama met with North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) in an attempt to convince him into the race against Sen. Richard Burr (R) in 2010. Cooper ultimately passed on the race as have several other leading Democrats.

Cillizza goes on to detail other Congressional races in which Obama and his team have become involved. Okay. That's fine and interesting. It's what White Houses have pretty much always done. But how on earth does that relate to the hook of the story which was supposed to be that Obama has somehow flip-flopped; that he ran as a "post-partisan figure" (a tag the press completely concocted, btw), yet now he's trying to help recruit Democrats to run for office.

Is Cillizza actually suggesting that when he was running for president that Obama somehow signaled to voters that, if elected, he would do absolutely nothing to help the Democratic Party win more seats in Congress? That he would do nothing to help recruit and select worthy candidates?

Question: On what campaign trail (on what planet) did this stealth pledge take place?

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