Look who Pat Buchanan's hanging out with

Look who Pat Buchanan's hanging out with

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In a column on Monday, I detailed Pat Buchanan's 40+ year history of inflammatory comments about women, minorities, the Holocaust and a variety of other topics.

Now David Holthouse of the Southern Poverty Law Center notes that Buchanan is hosting a "prominent white nationalist" at an upcoming conference:

MSNBC commentator Pat Buchanan added to his decades-long history of racist activism by inviting a prominent white nationalist to speak at the upcoming national conference of Buchanan's immigrant-bashing organization The American Cause (TAC), the white nationalist hate website Vdare.com announced earlier this week.

According to a bulletin on its homepage, Vdare.com owner Peter Brimelow is now scheduled to speak at The American's Cause's "Building A New Majority Conference" in McLean, Va., on June 20.

The conference plans to ponder the question, "Has the culture, economy, and demographics of our country passed a tipping point where Conservatives can no longer rule with a mandate?"

Although Brimelow's name does not appear on The American Cause's website, the keynote speaker for the conference is not identified, and Brimelow was a panelist at a symposium hosted by TAC last January.


Conspicuously absent from the speaker list for the June conference is TAC Executive Director Marcus Epstein, a frequent speaker at the group's events. Epstein may be keeping a lower profile this time around because he's scheduled to be sentenced on July 8 for drunkenly calling an African-American passerby a "nigger" at a major intersection in Washington, D.C., before attempting to strike her with a karate chop.

If you don't want to hang out with the likes of Peter Brimelow at the American Cause conference but still want to hear Pat Buchanan's nuanced views on race and gender, you can tune in to MSNBC, where he inexplicably has a gig as a regular commentator.

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