UPDATED: Because Politico is really just a GOP bulletin board

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

This is getting rather comical. Then again, Politico's brand of journalism has also produced mordant chuckles. (As The Howler would say.)

It's only Wednesday, but this is the second Politico article this week that simply regurgitates GOP talking points about what Republicans think might kinda/sorta be Obama's undoing.

Monday it was the GM deal.

GOP hopes GM is Obama's Katrina

Now it's the deficit.

Republicans: Debt will bring Barack Obama down

Republicans are a pretty creative bunch and my guess is they can assemble dozens of issue they're absolutely sure are going to be the tipping point for Obama's ultimate collapse. The only question is, will Politico obediently type up each and every one as news?

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