BREAKING NEWS: Michael Savage Tells Truth!

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Well, for about a third of a sentence, anyway. Still, it's a start. Here's Savage, as quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle:

"I'm going to make an allegation that I can't support: these out of context soundbites came from Media Matters, funded by George Soros, whose goal is to wipe out conservative voices in America,'' he told the Chronicle. "If it turns out they're continuing to do this, they're next on my list. I'm not going to tolerate them trying to get me killed.''

What has Savage so upset this time? He has gotten it into his head that Media Matters is responsible for him being banned from the United Kingdom.

Savage, incidentally, once said of Media Matters: "They have no place in America." And he once said "If I had the power by executive order, I would round up every member of the ACLU and of the National Lawyers Guild, and I'd put them in a prison in Guantánamo and I'd throw the key away." So it's a little amusing to see him so upset about his views not being welcome in Britain.

Savage also once reportedly compared Media Matters to HIV. And he lost his MSNBC television show when he told a caller to "get AIDS and die." That last one doesn't have much to do with Savage's latest outburst, though it does have to do with him being a world-class jerk.

Anyway, he's now threatening to sue Media Matters, which would be consistent with his history of suing his critics. His lawsuits don't tend to be successful in court, but maybe they help him feel like he has regained the "manhood" that he says the government "stole" from him.

In any case, Savage has a long and despicable history of making baseless and false allegations; it's nice to see that, for once, he admits he's making things up.

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