Tucker Carlson is on his game today

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Right out of the box, in the very first question he answered during today's Washington Post online discussion, Tucker Carlson lied about Sonia Sotomayor:

Alabama: Tucker, have you now watched or read the remarks of Alito since they were brought to your attention on Fox yesterday? If so, wanna explain the difference?

Tucker Carlson: Of all the talking points partisans are instructed to repeat during nomination fights, this is among the all-time lamest: Alito did it too. First of all, it's false. Alito never claimed that growing up Italian made him a better judge than, say, your average black woman. But even if he had some something that stupid (and I would have opposed seating him if he had) what's the point? That Obama has nominated someone every bit as mediocre as Bush did? Not much of a defense.

Sotomayor didn't say that growing up Puerto Rican made her a better judge than your average white man, as Carlson suggests. That isn't a reasonable paraphrase of what she said. It isn't close to what she said. And Carlson must know that, which makes it a lie. What makes it all the more audacious is that Carlson purports to correct the record about what Alito said, and in order to do so, he lies about what Sotomayor said.

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