NRO "Ode" suggests Sotomayor is a "twofer second-rater"


two·fer: "One who belongs to two minority groups and can be counted, as by an employer, as part of two quotas."

From NRO's the corner:

Celebratory Ode [John Derbyshire]

What has been absent from all the rejoicing about the nomination of Judge Sotomayor? Why, a celebratory ode, of course. We humble scribes must supply the deficiency.

All hail the brave and wise Latina!
Compelling is her story!
And jurisprudent her demeanor -
She's on the path to glory!

At SCOTUS she'll make policy
(What need for legislators?)
More jobs! More opportunity!
For twofer second-raters.

Latina wisdom, egged on by
La Raza mischief-makers,
With fill her soul with empathy
(Though not for white test-takers).

National Review Online
John Derbyshire
Supreme Court Nominations, Sotomayor Nomination
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