Conservatives making an issue of Sotomayor's religion?

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When President Bush nominated Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, conservatives baselessly claimed liberals opposed Alito because he is Catholic -- a baselss claim that ABC News was quick to adopt.

Now the Christian Broadcast Network's "Brody File" hints that it may make an issue of Sonia Sotomayor's Catholicism:

Watch conservative groups try and tie Sotomayor's "liberalism" to President Obama and make him pay a political price for nominating her. He may get her through because he has the numbers in the Senate but his poll numbers showing him as a centrist may take a hit. Keep an eye on Gallup.

The Brody File has also been alerted to the fact that she is a practicing Catholic. More details on that to come. Keep it here.

That comes just hours after the Washington Post ran a piece suggesting that the way to "diversify" the Court might be to nominate a "white Anglo-Saxon Protestant" to the court, noting that with David Souter's departure, "the demographic will be seriously underrepresented on a court that features five Catholics and two Jews."

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