Rumsfeld aides trash NYT Pulitzer winner

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

That, according to US News & World Report:

It won the Pulitzer for investigative reporting, but now critics of the New York Times story about how retired generals were co-opted by the Pentagon to brag on the Iraq war are nominating it for another prize: fiction writing. Leading the charge are two allies of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "Does the Pulitzer give prizes for works of fiction? Perhaps they just got the wrong category," says former Pentagon Assistant Secretary Dorrance Smith. Rumsfeld's current spokesman, Keith Urbahn, cites a January 2009 Pentagon inspector general's report debunking the story: "The Times's reporting on DoD's routine outreach to military experts didn't merit a place in the paper, much less a Pulitzer."

Boy, that would be an interesting story for TV news to cover, right? A look at how even removed from office, Rumsfeld and his minions are still at war with the D.C. press corps. It would made for some interesting reporting, but TV can't cover it because Barstow's expose, which made television news look bad for cozying up to the pro-war generals, is the report that must not ever be mentioned.

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