FAIL: Drudge's Understanding of Twitter

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So, according to internet gossip Matt Drudge, he was the first person Alaska Governor Sarah Palin decided to follow on Twitter. He's even reporting it on The Drudge Report:

Like much of the work he does, whether original "reporting" or linking to news stories with his own misleading headlines, Drudge comes up short with the facts on this one. Yep, he's wrong again.

In fairness, the news outlet Drudge links to, The Daily Telegraph, misreported the story as well.

If you take a look at Sarah Palin's Twitter page, you'll notice that of the 43 (as of right now) people Palin follows on Twitter, Drudge was the 17th. He barely makes the first half of her follow.

Here's the list of folks Palin said "you betcha" to before Drudge:

1. Newt Gingrich
2. Karl Rove
3. Sen. Lesil McGuire
4. Gov. Bill Ritter, Jr.
5. Sen. Lisa Murkowski
6. Sen. Jim DeMint
7. Gov. Rick Perry
8. Gov. Bob Riley
9. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
10. Gov. Bill Richardson
11. Gov. Mike Huckabee
12. Veratect
13. Politico 44
14. Newsweek
15. Weekly Standard
16. Fox News
17. Drudge Report

By the way, you can follow me on Twitter @KarlFrisch or Media Matters @mmfa. Also, Sarah Palin isn't the only Sarah Palin out there Twittering as Sarah Palin.

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