Torture memos and Bizarro World, cont'd

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We noted yesterday the oddity of the press turning the release of the scandalous Bush-era torture memo into a problem for the Obama administration. i.e. Process over substance.

Today, the AP breathlessly illustrates the peculiar trend:

Shifting rhetoric at the White House on prosecutions related to interrogation policies

And the lead:

A look at the White House's shifting rhetoric on the possibility of prosecutions stemming from CIA interrogation techniques against terror suspects.

The AP then unfurls a tick-tock look back from Sunday to Tuesday as it roots around with a what-did-they-know-and-when-did-they-know-it narrative of the Obama White House, not, y'know, the one that actually ok'd the law-breaking.

UPDATE: Slate dutifully publishes a piece (complete with timeline!) about what the torture memo story tells us about Obama's shortcomings. Bizarro World, indeed.

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