ABC News concocts RFK Jr.-Obama controversy

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The ABC headline for the Brian Ross piece posted last night declares:

RFK Jr. Blasts Obama as 'Indentured Servant' to Coal Industry

Wow, talk about a smack down. Famous Dem and famous environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr. really called out Obama as an "indentured servant"?

Nope. As Josh Nelson at HuffPost points out:

The reader is left with the distinct impression that Robert Kennedy Jr. called President Obama an indentured servant to the coal industry today. RFK has been calling politicians "indentured servants" for years. One problem: he didn't actually say it about President Obama. Essentially, ABC pulled together a collection of old quotes and mashed them together out of context to create tension in their story.

That's just awful journalism by Ross and ABC News.

UPDATE: Right-wing Red State never fails to advertise its ignorance. It jumps on the bogus ABC story and wonders if Kennedy's racist for calling Obama a 'slave' to the coal industry.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air also gets gleefully suckered in by the ABC News report and pretends that Kennedy just called Obama an "indentured servant." (i.e. It's Kennedy's "latest attack.") Morrissey huffs and puffs that if a Republican had called Obama a "slave" there'd be hell to pay.

It's like the blind leading the blind.

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