Right-wing blog calls out WSJ's Al Franken editorial

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You know WSJ editorial writers have lost all credibility when a right-wing partisan blog like Power Line calls them out for faulty writing/logic. The topic of the Journal editorial today is Norm Coleman's never-ending election appeal in Minnesota. There are all kinds of irregularities. Justice has been denied. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Yet even Power Line concludes the Journal has no idea what it's talking about [emphasis added]:

The Journal doesn't show much familiarity with the facts related to the implications of wrongoing [sic] in their two editorials on the Minnesota recount. In particular, today's editorial shows no evidence of familiarity with (i.e., of its author having read) the three-judge election contest panel decision in favor of Franken. The decision bears reading by anyone seriously interested in the facts of the case. I am sorry to say that reading the decision persuades me that the Journal's encouragement of Senator Coleman's pursuit of an appeal is misguided because he has no chance of winning such an appeal.

We give Power Line credit for standing up for the facts in Minnesota. We just think it's funny Power Line pretends it's a big deal that a Journal editorial shows not familiarity with the facts.

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