Politico's Mike Allen fans the DHS flames

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We're a little late on this, but it's worth repeating what Think Progress recently highlighted.

Appearing on Hugh Hewitt's far right radio show, Politico's Allen shoveled out right-wing misinformation about the DHS internal intelligence report about violent, extreme domestic terrorist groups. Allen, like Hewitt and the rest of the right, pretends the report is about conservatives.

I think it's a big story...I think some bureaucrat who wrote this report, like, misstated in a way that doesn't comport with your or my observations about the real America. I think it was somebody who, written inside the Beltway, who maybe has fantasies about what happens outside in the real America.

Three problems. A) So now Allen knows more about domestic terrorist groups than the Department of Homeland Security? B) Allen can read minds of terrorist experts within DHS; he can tell that they were fantasizing while writing a report? C) Allen dutifully seems to sign off on the right-wing's beloved conspiracy theory that the DHS is targeting mainstream conservatives out in "real America."

It's bad enough when Politico shovels misinformation on its own site. Why does it have to spread it around the radio, too?

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