Neil Cavuto preemptively critiques news coverage of April 15 "tea parties"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Maybe that's the future of conservative media criticism: pan the evil liberal media for its coverage before it happens.

Here's Cavuto yesterday, hyping next week's, right-wing anti-Obama rallies:

You might have heard we're going to be out in Sacramento a week or so from now to cover the tea party protest on the 15th. You might have heard a lot of news organizations are not going to be there. I know why we are there. I'm not sure why they are not. Apparently these populist protests don't count much for them. Millions concerned that they are being taxed to death concerns them even less.

So Cavuto has inside information on how news orgs across the country are going to cover an event "a week or so" from now? That's a nifty trick.

P.S. Did Cavuto really predict that "millions" will participate in the anti-government events next week?

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