Glenn Beck and the GOP choice

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Writes Michael A. Cohen in Politico:

While Democrats have sought to tie Republicans to Rush Limbaugh, his attacks are tame compared with those of Beck, who spoke recently of creeping fascism as visuals of Nazi rallies played behind him. His occasionally unhinged attacks of strung-together nonsequiturs about the evils of Big Government provide little in the way of constructive solutions to the country's vast problems...Republicans need to make a decision: Are they going to cater to the paranoid fears of self-styled "truth tellers" like Beck, or are they going to present a substantive policy alternative to Democratic rule? For the good of the party, and the country, let's hope it's the latter.

As for Limbaugh, the GOP already made that choice. We like how the blog Scholars & Rogues recently put it in response to this week's instant Limbaugh classic:

The new Republican leadership has drawn a line in the sand. Then dug it out and filled it with concrete. Rush Limbaugh is the One True Voice of God. Dissent and other forms of thinking will not be tolerated.

UPDATE: The far-right blog Little Green Footballs agrees with Cohen:

He's right. This turn toward the extreme right on the part of Fox News is troubling, and will achieve nothing in the long run except further marginalization of the GOP—unless people start behaving like adults instead of angry kids throwing tantrums and ranting about conspiracies and revolution.

UPDATE: From conservative blogger Rick Moran:

Beck worries me. Conservatives worry me. I worry about myself. I feel trapped in a huge ball of cotton, trying gamely to make my way out but don't know which direction to start pushing. I am losing contact with those conservatives who find Beck anything more than a clown - and an irrational one at that.

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