Radar pretends it's 1979

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Its big, Drudgy, anti-GM scoop is that lots of GM employees drive "foreign cars." In fact, Radar launched an "exclusive investigation" (complete with photos!) to snoop around employee parking lots and oh my, what it found:

BMW. Toyota. Honda. Acura. Nissan. Those are just a few of the foreign cars that RadarOnline.com discovered filling the parking lot at the GM Technical Center in Flint, Michigan.

Here's where the whole misplaced, 1979 angle comes in: I'm pretty sure BMW, Toyota, Honda, Acura, and Nissan all make cars in America. (Y'know, by employing American workers.) So the whole buy-American angle is lamely out of date.

If the point was to show that not every GM worker drives a GM car, that's one (irrelevant) thing. But Radar's angle that GM workers are thumbing their noses at a taxpayer bailout by buying "foreign" is just plain dumb.

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