Howard Kurtz's enduring faith in Sean Hannity

Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz:

Sean Hannity is entitled to criticize Obama any way he sees fit. When I heard the president, in France, criticize past American "arrogance," I knew the likes of Sean would be after him. But I never imagined that he would cut the sound bite in half -- that is, totally omit the second sentence in which Obama said Europe has also been guilty of "anti-Americanism." That part never got played.

Really? This wasn't even a 6 on the Sean Hannity Dishonesty Scale. Howard Kurtz could never imagine that Sean Hannity would criticize Barack Obama in such a way? Of course he would; this is what Sean Hannity does. He isn't honest. It's Howard Kurtz's job to know these things.

Or maybe he does know, and he just chooses to pretend that Hannity is honest?

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