Newsbusters' Wilmouth was against balance before he was for it

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Newsbusters' Brad Wilmouth, April 5, 10:49 PM:

On Sunday's CBS Evening News, without providing a pro-gun rights view for balance, correspondent Randall Pinkston filed a report which featured the views of two public figures who support an assault weapons ban...

Newsbusters' Brad Wilmouth, April 5, 8:50 PM:

On Sunday's Good Morning America, ABC co-anchor Kate Snow interviewed New York University Professor Jim Jacobs, author of Can Gun Control Work?, as the show gave attention to the view that gun control has little effect in stopping criminals from obtaining guns. While it is to the show's credit that they allowed him to make his case as Snow presented a contrarian point-of-view, Snow did seem sincerely skeptical toward his presentation.

Got that? Wilmouth praised ABC for hosting only a gun control skeptic, then - just two hours later - blasted CBS for featuring the views of only gun control advocates. Looks like Wilmouth has a pretty imbalanced view of balance - he criticizes imbalance when he thinks the imbalance hurts his agenda, and actually praises it when it helps.

(Note that in both segments, the reporters in question presented some of the contrary argument.)

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