MSNBC has a funny idea of "serious"

MSNBC has a funny idea of "serious"

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MSNBC anchor Melissa Francis, on Michelle Obama: "Is there a danger in looking too glamorous during a recession, though, on a more serious note? I mean, we're talking about clothes, we're having a good time, but obviously, you know, there's a recession going on right now."

That's MSNBC's idea of a "serious note"? How about considering whether MSNBC should devote segments to Michelle Obama's clothes in the first place?

UPDATE: Less than an hour later, MSNBC devotes another segment to Michelle Obama's wardrobe, during which Norah O'Donnell said: "

You know, we've got this banner up that says 'What will she wear?' I mean, isn't that sort of demeaning, that that's all that this first lady is about, by saying 'what is she going to wear?'"

She then spent the remainder of the segment discussing what Obama will wear with Washington Post reporter Robin Givhan.

So, in the past hour, MSNBC has told us that these are serious times -- too serious for Michelle Obama to be glamorous. And they've told us that it is "sort of demeaning" to focus on what Obama will wear. And they've devoted two different segments to focusing on precisely that "demeaning" topic.

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