Conservative media split over Obama Derangement Syndrome

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That's ODS, or the continued, and completely unhinged, reaction to the new Democratic administration from the GOP Noise Machine.

From the extremely far-right FrontPageMag, David Horowitz laments:

I have been watching an interesting phenomenon on the Right, which is beginning to cause me concern. I am referring to the over-the-top hysteria in response to the first months in office of our new president, which distinctly reminds me of the "Bush Is Hitler" crowd on the Left.

And from the equally far-right site Little Green Footballs:

Good for David Horowitz; his latest column for FrontPage makes many of the same points I've been hammering away at since Barack Obama was elected (leading to a series of meltdowns in our comment threads, and a barrage of hate mail that shows no sign of letting up). Horowitz is on the mark when he says way too many on the right are now suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Pssst, Michelle Malkin, I'm pretty sure they're talking about you.

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