Politico: Michelle Obama is too ambitious.

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Politico moves the inane doing-too-much storyline forward with an article about whether Michelle Obama is "spreading herself too thin."

Under the header "Ambitious agenda for first lady," Politico begins:

For the past month alone, here's Michelle Obama's itinerary:

Travel to North Carolina to rally military families. Stand next to Hillary Clinton to encourage women to get politically active. Show up at a home-building site on the National Mall. Visit a D.C. school to talk up good grades. Cap it off by shoveling dirt for a "kitchen garden" at the White House.

Wow, all that in the past month alone? That's more than an event per week!

More Politico:

Ironically, some are raising the same "too much, too fast?" question about Michelle that they're raising about her husband, the president.

That isn't "ironic" at all, particularly when the "some" people are the same people. The fact that the news media is obsessed with whether Barack Obama is doing too much and with whether Michelle Obama is doing too much isn't an example of irony, it's an example of the media's slavish commitment to its storylines -- even if those storylines are nonsense.

And, buried at the end of the Politico article, there is some evidence that is exactly what this is - nonsense:

But she clearly is breaking through and connecting on some level - polls show her favorability ratings in the mid-60s.

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